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Custom Microscopy

We design the ideal solution for your microscopy application whether it is a full system, or an add-on module. This way your company will save money by getting a solution for what you need and nothing else.

Spectroscopy Services

Raman spectroscopy for chemical and mechanical properties characterization. We consult on the full process, from helping you ask the right questions to getting you just the piece of information that you and your company need to improve quality, optimize processes, test your raw materials, etc. We do so in a fast, low risk way, so you get the right answers without having to become an spectroscopist.

We deliver software that give you control over your custom design or excisting equipment, and the data in the way you and your company need it.


Our Customers

In 2015 ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc. retained the services of Dr. Maria Navas-Moreno for a critical piece of data required to differentiate our product and secure our first patent. It was Maria’s expertise and work using Raman spectroscopy which was instrument to ZyCal securing not only its first patent, but a second patent within 6 months! ZyCal sincerely appreciates Maria’s dedication and work in this field.

James Scaffidi, CEO and President

ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc.

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