The microscopes we design and build

Confocal Raman Microscopes

We design and built confocal and/or trapping Raman microscopes with your specific application in mind. We offer inverted and upright microscopes, and we work with your favorite microscope manufacturer (if you have one). We use the excitation wavelength(s) that better suits your need, from the UV to the near IR, along with the best detectors and optics.

Raman images of 2 different types of breast cancer cell lines stained with antibody conjugated surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) nanoparticles. Scale bars are 8 μm. These images were acquired with a line-scan Raman microscope built by our very own Maria Navas-Moreno.

Imaging Confocal or Line-Scan Raman Microscopes

We offer fast Raman imaging microscopes by scanning with galvo-mirrors or laser shaping (i.e., line-scanning). When combined with a motorized stage, we can create large field of view images at confocal spatial resolution.

Multimodal microscopy

We integrate multiple microscopy modalities to your new or existing microscope. We can add widefield fluorescence, darkfield and phase contrast imaging, as well as transmitted laser detection to Raman microscopes, and we can also add Raman spectroscopy to your fluorescence or other type of optical microscope.

Imaging Raman microscope integrated with widefield fluorescence and designed so different modalities can be added in the future as needed.