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We wondered, why is Raman spectroscopy not being widely used in more industries?

  • Polymers

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  • Pharma

  • Minerals

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  • Food

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  • Biomedical

There are so many and so powerful applications of Raman spectroscopy, yet it has only found its way into a few selected industries like pharma and mineorology. We asked why and learned that it isn't because it is not a powerful tool, but because it is expensive and has a really steep learning curve.

We founded Lever Photonics with the goal of providing access to the information that Raman spectra provides without making a huge capital investement or becoming a Raman expert.

Our team has many years of experience developing applications of Raman spectroscopy, and now you can leverage that accumulated knowledge, faster and easier than ever before, without compromising the quality of the data.

We are also optical instrumentation experts. We have built many sophisticated microscopes, but we know not everyone needs all the bells and whistles usually found in Raman microscopes. People need a tool that does one job extremely well and without breaking the bank. We can build that tool for you! These are some of microscopes we've built.

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Our Team

Co-founder and Raman Spectroscopy Expert
Co-founder and Microscopy Expert
Co-founder and Mechanical Design and Automation Expert


Our Customers

In 2015 ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc. retained the services of Dr. Maria Navas-Moreno for a critical piece of data required to differentiate our product and secure our first patent. It was Maria’s expertise and work using Raman spectroscopy which was instrument to ZyCal securing not only its first patent, but a second patent within 6 months! ZyCal sincerely appreciates Maria’s dedication and work in this field.

James Scaffidi, CEO and President

Lever Photonics has proven to be huge asset to our overall R&D program. We routinely rely on LP for high quality Reflectance FTIR data, which is an essential tool we use to characterize our epitaxial thin films. They are quick to meet our mostly last minute needs, and super easy to work with.

Dave Bobela, Director of R&D

TrueNano, Inc.

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